see things different zine

I've created a zine, it's totally free and I've put it up here for you to look at- here However i maintain all rights and i do ask you to not reproduce it without express permission. See Things Different introduces us to Lee Turgel, a man in the social care system who is deeply misunderstood. Mute and to some extent locked in, Lee experiences the world in a very different way. His divergent reality creates both horrors and delights in his life, unseen to others. Whilst those he encounters assign him a sweet and gentle personality in reality Lee is plotting the downfall of humanity, with aid from the inhabitants of his new invisible world.

See things different Lee.

See Things Different 2 zine
The second mini comic is in production and brings us to start asking more about whether or not Lees' visions are in fact just in his mind. Traveling with the visitors to their origins, he starts to spend more time there unencumbered by his static form. Enjoy.

Summer gift card print

adventure-card Based on my favourite art nouveau imagery and British wildlife I created this summer gift card and print. Red Squirrels, long tailed tits, Thistles, Fox gloves and Hazel all culminate to make this optimistic image to make us look forward to summer. I used a muted palette and brown line work to generate a vintage feel in keeping with the graphic style. Save Save Save Save Save Save

The Urban Worm

worm bin1 worm bin 4 worm bin 3 The Urban Worm is a project set up to promote responisble processing of waste using Wormerys. This year a group of artists were invited down to help support this rapidly growing scheme by adding a decorative touch to some of the converted wheely bins at Nottinghams Riverside festival. There was a massive range of work produced, I decided to make a dense worm pattern to describe exactly what was going on inside! No messin'. Plus a nice infinity cycle Worm on the lid. All done with Montana sprays applied with brushes. There's a link at the bottom to their web page and photos of all the Wormeries. Afterwards the Wormeries headed out to local schools -where children can learn valuable lessons about the waste cycle, and businesses, where they can reduce waste costs and support a more holistic approach to their green endevours. 'Nurturing people, plants and the planet is at the heart of what we do. We want to help build sustainable societies and cities that thrive in the face of adversity, and we believe the humble composting earthworm is a key player in tackling food waste and sustainable food production.' As well a converting wheely bins into mini compost factories and worm houses they provide all the means and info to get started yourself. Go see them for more info www.theurbanworm   Save Save


A little series of re-interpretations and fairy tale type ideas i've been throwing around  
The Owl and the Pussycat
The Owl and the Pussycat
Tom Thumb vs Finger Mouse Billy Goat GruffBilly Goats Gruff
After The GingerBread Man
After The GingerBread Man