see things different zine

I've created a zine, it's totally free and I've put it up here for you to look at- here However i maintain all rights and i do ask you to not reproduce it without express permission. See Things Different introduces us to Lee Turgel, a man in the social care system who is deeply misunderstood. Mute and to some extent locked in, Lee experiences the world in a very different way. His divergent reality creates both horrors and delights in his life, unseen to others. Whilst those he encounters assign him a sweet and gentle personality in reality Lee is plotting the downfall of humanity, with aid from the inhabitants of his new invisible world.

See things different Lee.

See Things Different 2 zine
The second mini comic is in production and brings us to start asking more about whether or not Lees' visions are in fact just in his mind. Traveling with the visitors to their origins, he starts to spend more time there unencumbered by his static form. Enjoy.