hand drawn, animation, gif, pigs, eye popper, gross, street art, illustration, free gif,ging, gif, animated gif, hand drawn, ink, worm, squeeze, illustration As a new venture i'm going to be producing some animated gifs for everyone to use for free. A while back i was a V.J. with CheckthisPecker v.j.s and used to make all my own content, it's been a while and i'm missing the process. Where as i used to make all the animations for our sets digitally now i'm fonder of the hand drawn style, harking back to Ray Harryhausen style and early cartoon. Gifs offer me a great new avenue to make and share simple loops. CheckThisPecker still exists, you can find them here- CheckThisPecker   gif, animation, hand drawn, illustration, ink, werewolf, transformation, fathers day, dad, celebrate, getting old, hand drawn, animation, rotting face, gif, ink, acrylic, illustration, Check back on here for new gifs. They will all be repulsive.